About ifscinfo.in

Online PaymentsAs part of the changes in the Indian financial system over the past two decades, banking services have become an integral part of our lives. Digitalized processes made it easier for everyone to access banking services. It is now possible to avail many services without even going to the bank.

We can notice that people are giving preference to banking transactions over direct cash transactions. The use of electronic money also has increased significantly. Nowadays, people are more interested in digital payments than cash payments.

IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) has made electronic transactions and payment processes easy and uncomplicated. Each bank branch is identified with a unique code so that it can handle these types of transactions.

www.ifscinfo.in provides IFS codes information of all digital bank branches in the country. We have carefully collected and furnished the IFS code of each bank branch in this portal. One can easily find any IFS code using this portal. The address, phone number, and other details of the bank branches are also available on this website. Information related to new bank branches will be updated from time to time.